Gianluigi Trovesi: Now I Can


Now I Can


Gianluigi Trovesi (bass clarinet)


From G to G (Soul Note)

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Gianluigi Trovesi (bass clarinet),

Pino Minafra (trumpet, vocals), Rodolfo Migliardi (trombone, tuba), Marco Remondini (cello), Roberto Bonati, Marco Micheli (basses), Vittorio Marinoni (drums), Fulvio Maras (percussion)


Composed by Gianluigi Trovesi


Recorded: Milan, May 6-9, 1992


Rating: 95/100 (learn more)

Gianluigi Trovesi is not only a great saxophone and clarinet player and one of the main historical figures of Italian Jazz in the last 40 years, he is also a consummate composer and arranger, and a fine humorist. This track bears witness to all the above in its dramatic construction (with a melodic theme hidden in the middle of a riff-based structure), its instrumentation (with the percussion and toys playing a high-pitched humoristic punctuation to the ensembles and solos by low-register instruments), the way it all swings in an infectious slow dancing manner, and finally the hilarious intrusion of Pino Minafra, grumbling some indescribable babble which might be the closest you can get to Southern Italian rap. Trovesi has had several midsize ensembles since '92 with rock, folk and baroque influences to them, but this one best shows the joyous side of his music. Some musicologist may trace this trend back to the old Italian musical tradition of scherzo, which literally means "joke" a tradition that today's non-Italian musicians often seem unaware of.

Reviewer: Thierry Quénum

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