Brand X: Nightmare Patrol


Nightmare Patrol


Brand X


Livestock (Passport PB 9284)

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Robin Lumley (keyboards), John Goodsall (guitar), Percy Jones (bass), Kenwood Dennard (drums), Morris Pert (percussion)


Composed by John Goodsall & Kenwood Dennard


Recorded: live in London, 1976 and 1977


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

Drummer Phil Collins is replaced on this recording by Kenwood Dennard. The easiest way to describe much of Brand X's music is by comparing it to the sounds of their jazz-rock influences of the day. You could always count on part of a song, or the whole song, to sound like it was coming from Mahavishnu, Return to Forever or Larry Coryell. However, this live performance recorded at either the famous London jazz club Ronnie Scott's, The Hammersmith Odean or the Marquee Club (the liner notes name all three venues without delineating what happened where!) has its own style and sound and is a better representation of what the band could really do.

"Nightmare Patrol" at times does have a slight hint of Billy Cobham from his Spectrum and Crosswinds days, but most would not hear it. At any rate, the tune's character is darker than anything Cobham did. The cosmic introduction is buoyed by a mysterious melody that holds the piece together. Jones's throbbing bass is a leading actor in the presentation. He even doubles the melody. Toward the end, a spacey Goodsall arpeggio is accented by Dennard's cymbal work and Jones's harmonics. The song fades away as the audience reacts. As time went on, Brand X began to find its own voice. "Nightmare Patrol" is a fusion work the band should be rightly proud of.

Reviewer: Walter Kolosky

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