Pat Martino: Exit




Pat Martino (guitar)


Exit (Muse MR 5075)

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Pat Martino (guitar),

Gil Goldstein (piano), Richard Davis (bass), Jabaci Billy Hart (drums)


Composed by Pat Martino


Recorded: New York, February 1976


Rating: 85/100 (learn more)

"Exit" is an interesting, almost free-form performance. Bassist Davis starts things off with a textured solo. Pianist Goldstein offers some reserved noodling. He is followed, in fits and starts, by Martino's staccato runs. Hart maintains a steady beat as Martino continues punching at air with impressive scalar runs. Davis returns but in the much more formal walking-bass mode as the tune turns pure jazz. Goldstein's solo is a mix of speedy single notes and big block chords. "Exit" takes another turn and becomes a slow blues ballad. I know the cut just ended, but it does not end with a resolution. It is as if the guys couldn't find the exit. Get it?

Reviewer: Walter Kolosky

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