Philip Catherine: Lendas Brasileiras


Lendas Brasileiras


Philip Catherine (guitar)


Guitars Two (Dreyfus Jazz)

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Philip Catherine (guitar).

Composed by Guinga & Aldir Blanc-Gryphus


Recorded: Ternat, Belgium, Spring 2007


Rating: 85/100 (learn more)

For his second solo recording in years, Philip Catherine has chosen to play most tunes with two guitars, using the rerecording technique. On this one, a Brazilian song played on acoustic guitars, he displays an impressive technique in both rhythmic and solo aspects. But, as always with Catherine, virtuosity is not the main goal. On the one hand he has nothing to prove and is long past the stage of technical feats for the sake of showing off. On the other hand, he is mainly a lyrical musician; the sound he produces on his guitars clearly demonstrates his concern about melody. Few musicians can make a guitar "sing" as Philip Catherine does. Even on a tune from Brazil, there are moments when you can obviously trace the singing quality of his fingerings and touch to his main models: Django Reinhardt and Ren Thomas, whose influence Catherine has absorbed to develop his own style.

Reviewer: Thierry Quénum

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