Gary McFarland: Reflections in the Park


Reflections in the Park


Gary McFarland (leader, vibes)


The Gary McFarland Orchestra Special Guest Soloist: Bill Evans (Verve V/V6-8518)

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Gary McFarland (leader, vibes), Bill Evans (piano), Jim Hall (guitar),

Phil Woods (clarinet), Spencer Sinatra (alto flute), Julian Barber, Allan Goldberg (violas), Aaron Juvelier, Joseph Tekula (celli), Richard Davis (bass), Ed Shaughnessy (drums)


Composed & arranged by Gary McFarland


Recorded: New York, December 18, 1962


Rating: 98/100 (learn more)

There are three Gary McFarland albums that I regard as his masterworks, and this is the first. (The others are The October Suite and America the Beautiful: An Account of Its Disappearance.) It's a collection of original pieces for an unusual chamber jazz instrumentation, featuring soloists Bill Evans, Jim Hall, and McFarland. (McFarland was a capable vibraphonist who worked well within his technical limitations.) "Reflections in the Park" captures the gentle mood of the album as a whole. Evans, around whom McFarland built this project, plays beautifully, delivering masterly interpretations of music that he reportedly saw for the first time in the recording studio.

Reviewer: Bill Kirchner


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