Steve Kuhn & Gary McFarland: Childhood Dreams


Childhood Dreams


Steve Kuhn (piano) and Gary McFarland (co-leader)


The October Suite (Impulse A-9136)

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Steve Kuhn (piano), Gary McFarland (co-leader), Ron Carter (bass), Marty Morell (drums),

Joe Firrantello (Farrell), Don Ashworth, Irving Horowitz, Gerald Sanfino (woodwinds), Corky Hale (harp)


Composed, arranged & conducted by Gary McFarland


Recorded: New York, November 1, 1966


Rating: 100/100 (learn more)

The second half of The October Suite was written for piano trio, four woodwind doublers, and harp. It's a wonderful contrast to the three piano-trio-and-string-quartet pieces on the album. "Childhood Dreams" was originally written by Gary McFarland (as "Jacques' Theme") for the score to a 1967 film called 13 (later retitled Eye of the Devil); the mood here is bittersweet—almost heartbreakingly so.

Reviewer: Bill Kirchner

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