Zoot Sims: Does the Sun Really Shine on the Moon?


Does the Sun Really Shine on the Moon?


Zoot Sims (tenor sax)


Waiting Game (Impulse A-9131)

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Zoot Sims (tenor sax),

David Snell (harp), plus eleven violins, four violas, two celli, oboe/English horn, three French horns, classical guitar, bass and drums


Composed & arranged by Gary McFarland. Conducted by Jack Parnell


Recorded: London, November 28, 1966


Rating: 94/100 (learn more)

This is one of my favorite jazz-soloist-with-strings albums, despite certain flaws. The usually impeccable Sims plays a bit sharp at times, and there's a decidedly out-of-tune oboe player. Regardless, Gary McFarland's scoring is gorgeous, and Sims's playing is consistently direct and moving in his best Lester Young/Ben Webster manner. "Does the Sun Really Shine on the Moon?" is one of three McFarland themes on the recording, and is among the composer's best melodies. The gifted British jazz harpist David Snell adds some unusual ingredients.

Reviewer: Bill Kirchner

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