Jeff Coffin Mu'tet: Bubble Up


Bubble Up


Jeff Coffin Mu'tet


Mutopia (Compass Records 7 4473)

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Jeff Coffin (tenor sax (with Q-Tron Envelope Filter), flute, clarinet), Béla Fleck (banjo), Roy Agee (trombone), Alana Rocklin (electric bass),

Futureman (drums), Kofi Burbidge (Hammond B-3 organ)


Composed by Jeff Coffin and Alana Rocklin


Recorded: Franklin, Tennessee, December 17-18, 2006


Rating: 87/100 (learn more)

If your nightmares came with slick funk soundtracks, they might sound like this. The high-steppin' beat underscores an opening melody built on almost unhummable intervals. But your strange dream gets stranger when Bla Fleck's banjo enters, dispelling the '70s fusion attitude with a double dose of creative anachronism. Just when you think this song can't get any odder, Jeff Coffin pulls out the "Q-Tron Envelope Filter" from his bag of tricks. I'm not sure what that contraption looks like, but the resulting sax solo sounds like a cross between a duck quacking in syncopated phrases and your mom nagging you over a bad phone connection. By the time "Bubble Up" has bubbled out, you will need two aspirins and a day of Vivaldi on the CD player.

Reviewer: Ted Gioia


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