Bing Crosby: The Last Roundup


The Last Roundup


Bing Crosby (vocals)


I'm an Old Cowhand (Living Era)

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Bing Crosby (vocals),

with the Lennie Hayton Orchestra


Composed by Billy Hill


Recorded: Los Angeles, September 27, 1933


Rating: 79/100 (learn more)

Despite his enormous fame, Bing Crosby has still never received the recognition he deserves as a jazz singer. He has sometimes been called "the first hip white person" -- a not inappropriate label. But Bing's credentials as a cowpoke are less credible. His delivery of "Git 'long little dogies" on "The Last Roundup" sounds like it was delivered by an Ivy Leaguer in a tweed coat with patches on both elbows. Crosby tried his hand at down-home fare many times during his career, and sometimes with reasonable results. (He does a decent "Home on the Range" and an acceptable "Clementine.") But don't let the cattle hear this song . . . they might stampede!

Reviewer: Ted Gioia


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