Billy Cobham: On the Inside Track


On the Inside Track


Billy Cobham (drums)


The Traveler (FNAC Music 662107)

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Billy Cobham (drums),

Joe Chindamo (keyboards), Peter Wolpl (guitar), Ira Coleman (bass), Gary Husband (drums), Nippy Noya (percussion)


Composed by Billy Cobham


Recorded: Bath, England, November 1993


Rating: 86/100 (learn more)

After a rather formless 1980s, Billy Cobham began the long process of returning to form in the '90s. This was a welcome trend. Sadly, I am among the many Cobham fans who couldn't stay the course through the 1980s, so I missed his comeback. But it is never too late to discover.

"On the Inside Track" is a good 1990s fusion anthem. It has a pulsating power beat, supplied by two drummers, that the bravest, or drunkest, among us could even attempt to dance to. Guitarist Wolpl and keyboardist Joe Chindamo are locked in. They create a large and driving sound that is a prerequisite for any jazz-rock anthem. At mid-tune Cobham and the young Gary Husband have a battle of sorts on the skins. Despite fine playing and the cool drum duel, this performance like much fusion music from that period does not include enough rough edges. This is a detriment. Yet there is still enough melodic interest and skill on display to warrant further listening. This is closer to the Billy Cobham I always want to hear!

Reviewer: Walter Kolosky

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