Jeff Coffin Mu'tet: Al's Greens


Al's Greens


Jeff Coffin Mu'tet


Mutopia (Compass 4473)

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Jeff Coffin (tenor sax with octave divider),

Kofi Burbridge (flute, keyboard), Felix Pastorius, Victor Wooten (basses), Futureman Wooten (drums)


Composed by Jeff Coffin


Recorded: Franklin, TN, December 17-18, 2006


Rating: 85/100 (learn more)

A decidedly funky backbeat by Futureman (aka Roy Wooten) starts the proceedings on this sauntering steamer. Kofi Burbridge plays the melody line on his soulful-sounding flute before he and Coffin match notes in a replay of the melody in duet. When Burbridge takes his turn on solo flute he adds his own brand of funk to the mix. His intonation is the highlight of the cut. Coffin gets his time to turn a phrase, and he does so with a waterfall of notes. Then Felix Pastorius takes a nice bass lead inspired no doubt by his namesake. Flecktones bassist extraordinaire Victor Wooten trades licks with Pastorius in a nice exchange of rapid lower-register runs before the tune returns to its flute-based melody line. With all but Béla present, the problem I have with this material is that it sounds too close to the Flecktones to be considered an independent effort. Still entertaining and certainly proficient, it lacks originality for me.

Reviewer: Ralph A. Miriello

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