Chriss Campion: Recado Swing


Recado Swing


Chriss Campion (guitar)


Souvenirs (Hot Club Records)

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Chriss Campion (guitar),

Aurélien Trigo (violin), Denis Chang (rhythm guitar), Alex Bellegarde (bass)


Composed by Djalma Ferreira


Recorded: Montreal, 2006


Rating: 95/100 (learn more)

Djalma's bossa nova meets Django's swing in this djovial (ouch!) track, a lovingly crafted collaboration between producer Denis Chang, pillar of the Quebec Gypsy jazz scene, and Chriss Campion, one of France's rising Manouche guitar heroes. Heading the ensemble on violin is another brilliant young Parisian, the classically-trained Aurélien Trigo.

Chang's solid pompe lays the groundwork for the bounding, uplifting violin and guitar solos, both polished and refined examples of the resurgent Hot Club swing technique. Trigo's lush, flowing lines take flight over the crunchy, spirited rhythm, giving way to Campion's tantalizing Djangoisms, frequently popping off the strings with an air of wild abandon but never excessive or overplayed.

Campion's and Chang's playing are textbook examples of the right and proper way to approach Gypsy guitar. Jon Larsen's Hot Club Records has given us yet another stellar example of what makes this music so darn much fun for musicians and listeners alike.

Reviewer: Bill Barnes

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