Joe Gilman: Contusion




Joe Gilman (piano)


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Joe Gilman (piano),

Joe Sanders (bass), Justin Brown (drums)


Composed by Stevie Wonder


Recorded: Oakland, CA. June 10-11, 2004


Rating: 89/100 (learn more)

I somehow missed the boat on Stevie Wonder back in his day. The explanation? Rock snobbery. Stevie Wonder did not sound like Black Sabbath and Bachman Turner Overdrive. It seems almost impossible that my youthful ears would not have enjoyed the shifting chord sequences and winding melodies that spill out of "Contusion," but I never gave it a chance. Lucky for us that pianist Joe Gilman has never been so narrow-minded. Gilman's swift runs linking the chords together bring out the hidden charms latent in Wonder's original construct. The trio blisters through Stevie's musical contours with an infectious enthusiasm that makes me Wonder how I could have ever been so obstinate.

Reviewer: Mark Saleski

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