The Rosenberg Trio: Rhythme Futur


Rhythme Futur


The Rosenberg Trio


Live in Samois: Tribute to Django Reinhardt (Universal)

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Stochelo Rosenberg (guitar),

Nou’che Rosenberg (rhythm guitar), Nonnie Rosenberg (bass)


Composed by Django Reinhardt


Recorded: Samois-sur-Seine, France, 2003


Rating: 95/100 (learn more)

Django Reinhardt's ground-breaking composition has always been a harried, disturbing glimpse into a chaotic future as well as a challenge for accomplished guitarists and seasoned jazz Manouche enthusiasts alike. A remarkable departure from Django's usual Hot Club fare, this number lives in a nightmare world on the edge of the modal universe. Whole-tone and Locrian-based phrases hit the listener at a breakneck tempo against a sinister flat-5 backdrop, with little comfort from an ascending flat-6 arpeggio bridge over very troubled waters.

Stochelo Rosenberg's performance at the 2003 Django Fest in Samois was remarkable in many ways, but his flawless, precise rendition of this difficult piece was a high point of the festival and, fortunately for us, has been captured in this marvelous recording.

Reviewer: Bill Barnes

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