Erroll Garner: Teach Me Tonight


Teach Me Tonight


Erroll Garner (piano)


Concert by the Sea (Columbia CK-40589)

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Erroll Garner (piano),

Eddie Calhoun (bass), Denzil Best (drums)


Composed by Sammy Cahn & Gene DePaul


Recorded: live at Carmel, CA, September 19, 1955


Rating: 100/100 (learn more)

This popular Cahn-DePaul composition, published in 1953, has attracted the attention of many musicians across several genres. (It has most recently been recorded by British pop star and tabloid magazine diva Amy Winehouse!) Erroll Garner eschews his normal rhapsodic introduction in favor of jumping right into a slow, solid swing. A wide range of pianistic techniques is on display: a mix of intricate solo lines, full-fisted harmonies, and shifts of feel. His guttural sub-vocalizations add to the plaintive insistence of this rendition—those who are familiar with the song's lyric will find it implied just beneath every note Garner plays. A deceptive cadence and short tag serve to prolong the lover's plea for just a few more bars.

Reviewer: Mark Lomanno

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