Roberto Magris Europlane: I Remember You


I Remember You


Roberto Magris Europlane


Check-in (Soul Note 121325-2)

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Roberto Magris (piano),

Tony Lakatos, Michael Erian (tenor saxes), Robert Balzar (bass), Gabrielle Centis (drums)


Composed by V. Schertzinger & J. Mercer


Recorded: Trieste, Italy, September 2, 2003


Rating: 93/100 (learn more)

Right from the opening sax duet by Tony Lakatos and Michael Erian, you know you're in for no ordinary rendering of the 1941 classic "I Remember You." The two tenormen display a familiarity that is both joyful and entertainingly competitive. These guys mesh as flawlessly as two brothers who have been playing in tandem for years. Hungarian-born Lakatos, a player who inspires further listening, has an especially vibrant sound, with improvisations both fresh and passionate. Italian-born Magris, a talented pianist, composer and leader active on the European jazz scene, here wisely lets his front line take the lead, accompanying them in a sparse but effective way. When he does solo, his sound has a touch of Tristano, with sparing but purposeful dissonance. The rhythm section is also top notch, demonstrating skill, love and obvious respect for the music. This is a great addition to my mainstream collection. I look forward to hearing more from these talented musicians.

Reviewer: Ralph A. Miriello

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