Andrea Centazzo, Perry Robinson & Nobu Stowe: Last Song


Last Song


Andrea Centazzo (percussion, Mallet Kat keyboard, sampling), Perry Robinson (clarinet), and Nobu Stowe (piano)


The Soul in the Mist (Ictus 141)

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Andrea Centazzo (percussion, Mallet Kat keyboard, sampling), Perry Robinson (clarinet), Nobu Stowe (piano).

Composed by Andrea Centazzo


Recorded: live in concert, Philadelphia, PA, and Montclair, NJ, November 11 & 14, 2006


Rating: 93/100 (learn more)

This collaboration between two veterans of free jazz percussionist, composer and musicologist Centazzo and clarinetist Robinson along with relative newcomer pianist Stowe, moves through diverse sound- scapes and moods. "Last Song" is a good example of the haunting lyricism expressed by Robinson and Stowe, as Centazzo's various percussive effects, from mallets to cymbals to electronics, contribute a persistently provocative underpinning that both inspires and augments the others' improvisations. Robinson's warm-toned articulation of delicate melodic lines, and Stowe's mixture of pensive chords, dramatic jabbed-out phrases, tone-row patterns and alluring vamps, keep this piece fluctuating between tonal bliss and otherworldly free-form minimalism. The trio in sum displays a fearlessness, confidence and rapport that a listener cannot help but to appreciate.

Reviewer: Scott Albin


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