Chris Greene: Bernie's Tune


Bernie's Tune


Chris Greene (tenor sax)


Soul and Science 2: Electric Boogaloo (Single Malt SM 003)

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Chris Greene (tenor sax),

Damian Espinosa (piano), Marc Piane (bass), Tyrone Blair (drums)


Composed by Bernie Miller


Recorded: Chicago, IL, date unknown (released 2008)


Rating: 92/100 (learn more)

The Chicago-based Chris Greene Quartet mixes it up in a natural, unforced manner, with an emphasis that can shift effortlessly amongst influences ranging from funk, fusion, blues, gospel and soul, not to mention progressive, mainstream and Latin jazz. As Greene puts it, he is "determined to fight musical segregation." Here he confirms his straight-ahead jazz credentials astride that old reliable workhorse "Bernie's Tune," a composition known for its considerably inviting melodic, harmonic and rhythmic qualities.

The track is launched by Greene's jaunty treatment of the ever-appealing theme, as he playfully varies his rhythmic attack. Espinosa's leadoff solo is inventively melodic and, like Greene, he frequently alters his rhythmic pulse to enhance the impact of his single-note lines, all the while bolstered by Piane's booming bass. Greene follows with a thoughtful and logically constructed improv (a nod to Gerry Mulligan's approach to the tune?), his supple tenor sound complementing a skillful blend of attractive circular phrases and propulsive riffs. His dancing out-chorus consummates a very satisfying performance.

On the face of this CD is the inscription, "Thanks for supporting creative, independent music. If you don't, who will?" Greene's music most certainly deserves such support.

Reviewer: Scott Albin


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