Jay D'Amico: Tuscan Prelude


Tuscan Prelude


Jay D'Amico (piano)


Tuscan Prelude: Jazz Under Glass (CAP 1013)

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Jay D'Amico (piano),

Marc Johnson (bass), Ronnie Zito (drums)


Composed by Jay D’Amico


Recorded: New York, date unknown (released 2008)


Rating: 93/100 (learn more)

As on his previous Ponte Novello CD, D'Amico here merges his dual interests: jazz and classical music. If you have enjoyed the Modern Jazz Quartet, the Classical Jazz Quartet, Dave Liebman and Bobby Avey's Vienna Dialogues, or perhaps Jacques Loussier, D'Amico's Tuscan Prelude release is must hearing. Its "Jazz Under Glass" subtitle implies a succulent Italian delicacy rather than music preserved and stultified. This is indeed lively and engaging fare.

D'Amico at times can sound like John Lewis, Chick Corea or, as on the title track, Bill Evans. The performance begins with the pianist's enchanting classically influenced melody played unaccompanied before he is joined by the tasteful Johnson and Zito. They soon enter a mid-tempo jazz groove, and D'Amico soars, with a glistening touch and beautifully delineated lines. He returns to the theme alone, for a melodious and ultimately emphatic conclusion, the content of which evokes Chopin.

One unrelated footnote. A press release that profiles D'Amico contains one chilling standalone sentence: "From 1984 through September 10, 2001, D'Amico performed as the Pianist in Residence at New York's Windows on the World." Notice the final date, and be reminded that the venue was located at the top of the North Tower of the World Trade Center.

Reviewer: Scott Albin

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