Sun Ra: Easy Street


Easy Street


Sun Ra (piano)


Monorails and Satellites (Evidence ECD 22013-2)

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Sun Ra (piano).

Composed by Alan Jones


Recorded: New York, 1966


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

Sun Ra (Sonny Blount) left us earthlings a vast discography from his earliest days through his last mortal years working out of the Philadelphia area. He first recorded under his own name in 1953 in Chicago, but had been doing documented session work as early as 1946 in Nashville with Wynonie Harris. His last performances, right before his passing in May 1993, featured band members who had been with him for decades. Yet throughout those years and countless albums, there is little recorded evidence of his work as a solo pianist. This rendition of the Alan Jones popular standard shows the side of Sun Ra that became more pronounced through the latter part of his career. While the band could still be whipped up into a free-jazz frenzy at the drop of a hat, they always played several numbers from the music's earliest days. (Like the Ellington band, the Arkestra had a vast book.) This rendition shows an uncanny respect for the tune itself, while the skewness that is Ra shines through.

Reviewer: Frank Murphy

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