Andreas ÷berg: A.M. Call


A.M. Call


Andreas Oberg (guitar)


My Favorite Guitars (Resonance Records RCD-1002)

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Andreas Oberg (guitar),

Marian Petrescu (piano), Kuno Schmid (keyboard bass), Vic Stevens (drums)


Composed by Andreas ÷berg


Recorded: Beverly Hills, CA, September 2006


Rating: 93/100 (learn more)

In our evolving street culture, slang words sometimes contradict their original definitions. Take "stupid," which according to can now mean excellent or terrific. A fellow musician, who shall remain nameless, recently applied that term to the playing of Andreas ÷berg. This 30-year-old, Swedish-born guitarist has rock-star good looks and packs venues wherever he performs. Confident almost to the point of cockiness, he could never be accused of being demure, and some musicians seem to resent him a bit. But I like him a lot. I think he's going to be a very big deal. Equally at home with bebop, blues or Gypsy swing, there seems to be no limit to his stylistic range or facility with the fretboard.

On this particular cut he takes aim at an icy funk groove in the tradition of Eric Gale, but with more ammo in his clip. Still, no one could accuse him of overkill on this outing. He drops the chops with smart-bomb precision, supported by Vic Stevens's deadly backbeat and Kuno Schmid's tastefully synthesized bass. The extraordinary Romanian pianist Marian Petrescu provides enough depth and intrigue to free the piece from a two-dimensional envampment.

Even with its new, superlative connotation, however, "stupid" doesn't quite convey the awe inspired by this young guitar chopsta, currently walking point for Europe's jazz revolution army.

Reviewer: Bill Barnes

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