Marc Copland: Vignette




Marc Copland (piano)


New York Trio Recordings, Voices, Volume 2 (Pirouet)

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Marc Copland (piano), Gary Peacock (bass), Paul Motian (drums).

Composed by Gary Peacock


Recorded: Brooklyn, NY, June 13-14, 2006


Rating: 95/100 (learn more)

Composed by Gary Peacock (who opens this track with a powerful solo), "Vignette" was originally recorded on ECM in 1977 by the bassist leading a group that would later become world famous as the Keith Jarrett Trio. Almost 30 years later, "Vignette" has acquired a new life; besides the present trio, the young Polish Marcin Wasilewski trio also recorded it recently. But what could Marc Copland have to say after Keith Jarrett, on this same tune and likewise with Peacock? First, it's obvious that the bassist's catchy little melody has aged nary a wrinkle in three decades and can still inspire today's musicians of all generations, provided their sensitivity is compatible with the dreamy climate of its harmonies. Second, Peacocks shows, by taking two solos on this version, that he may not have all the space he needs in a more famous trio that's almost entirely devoted to standards. And the way Motian's drumming makes the pulsation breathe here may indeed grant Peacock the freedom he's craving. Last, Copland, as a pianist, is very different from Jarrett. He doesn't try to build a climax but develops a strange atmosphere through the repetition of similar melodic structures, while using open chords that, little by little, widen the harmonic space and slowly create a magical, intoxicating feeling.

Reviewer: Thierry Quénum

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