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Mathias Eick (trumpet)


The Door (ECM 2059)

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Mathias Eick (trumpet), Jon Balke (piano), Audun Erlien (electric bass), Audun Kleive (drums, percussion),

Stian Carstensen (pedal steel guitar)


Composed by Mathias Eick


Recorded: Oslo, September, 2007


Rating: 91/100 (learn more)

Mathias Eick received the "International Jazz Award for New Talent” at the January 2007 IAJE gathering in New York. (Remember that event from the Good Ol' Days?) Now he impresses with his debut CD on ECM, The Door. This track is a moody meditation with Eick's trumpet line floating over Jon Balke's stately piano vamp. The rest of the rhythm section somehow manages to sound like the wind blowing through the forest, more an implication behind Balke and Eick than an overt beat. Why are all the lyrical trumpeters coming from Europe these days? Elsewhere (in my article "Chet's Children") I have suggested that Chet Baker's indefatigable gigging around Europe in the 1970s and '80s may have sowed seeds that are now sprouting up around the present-day EU. In any event, Eick is one of the finest of the new generation. Even if you already have Rava, Stanko, Fresu and the other top-flight European trumpeters on your CD shelves, you need to make room for this promising, visionary artist.

Reviewer: Ted Gioia

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