Joe Lovano (featuring Elvin Jones): Impressionistic




Joe Lovano (tenor sax)


Trio Fascination, Edition One (Blue Note 33114)

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Joe Lovano (tenor sax), Elvin Jones (drums), Dave Holland (bass).

Composed by Joe Lovano


Recorded: New York, September 16-17, 1997


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

Performing in the pianoless trio format, Elvin Jones's playing on this track is precisely what its title suggests the free-form melody allows Jones to poke and prod at his trio colleagues with brushstrokes on his spacious ride cymbal and snare drum. The drum solo that begins at 04:35 and lasts until 05:15 marks one of his finest late-career unaccompanied solos it is uncluttered and logical, yet still includes many facets of his solo style, from dramatic tom rolls to "cymbal-to-drums-and-back-to-cymbal-again" patterns (05:04). When Lovano reenters at a faster tempo, one senses that Jones is energized by Lovano's playing. Jones, always prepared to move, starts pulling out more and more classic stops as the improvisation reaches its climax.

Reviewer: Eric Novod

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