Hilde Hefte: Peri's Scope


Peri's Scope


Hilde Hefte (vocals)


Playsong: The Music of Bill Evans (Hot Club Records)

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Hilde Hefte (vocals),

Jan Allen (trumpet), Nisse Sandstrom (tenor sax), Egil Kapstad (piano), Bjorn Alterhaug (bass), Eyvind Olsen (drums)


Composed by Bill Evans


Recorded: Oslo, Norway, 2001


Rating: 95/100 (learn more)

With her trademark grace and elegance, Hilde Hefte has crafted a loving tribute to Bill Evans. The album overall is an eminently listenable sojourn back to the glory days of Cool, a movement that took the rough edges off bebop and seduced a new generation of jazz enthusiasts.

This rendition of the popular Evans staple allows the Norwegian songbird to stretch her wings a bit, demonstrating her musician's sensibility on an all-too-brief solo before handing it over to her veteran sidemen. The group demonstrates a confident, polished interplay that comes only from acute listening skills and mutual respect. Bjorn Alterhaug's tasty basslines provide the perfect launch pad for Hilde's intimate vocal head, while Egil Kapstad's interpretation stands up well to close scrutiny from Evans aficionados. Solos are compelling and substantive all around.

It may be the northern latitudes, the artistic climate or the sangfroid of the people; but whatever the reason, jazz is very cool in Norway. In my humble opinion, Hilde and company are the tip of that iceberg.

Reviewer: Bill Barnes

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