Bobby Streng Saxomble: Ducks On Parade


Ducks On Parade


Bobby Streng Saxomble


Live at the Firefly (Bobby Streng Saxomble 30991-2)

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Bobby Streng (baritone sax),

Mark Kieme (soprano sax), Pat Seymour (alto sax), Michael Hiemstra, Dan Puccio (tenor saxes), Jonathan Ovalle (keyboards), Matt Henninger (bass), Nick Adams (drums)


Composed & arranged by Bobby Streng


Recorded: live at the Firefly Club, Ann Arbor, MI, January 13, 2007


Rating: 92/100 (learn more)

The Bobby Streng Saxomble is based in Ann Arbor, MI, and most members have degrees in Music and/or Jazz Studies from the University of Michigan. Don't expect to hear a clone of the original and prime World Saxophone Quartet. For one thing, there's the added rhythm section, and for another, the individual musical personalities of the Saxomble's five horn players are not nearly as distinctive as were those of David Murray, Oliver Lake, Julius Hemphill and Hamiet Bluiett. That said, the Saxomble covers the gamut from jazz to funk to fusion, and quite entertainingly so, as heard on this spirited live recording.

Oddly, the leader, composer and arranger, Bobby Streng, does not solo on this CD. On its rollicking closer, though, "Ducks on Parade," the other four saxophonists are all featured. Streng's resounding baritone vamp lays the foundation for the entries, one at a time, of the other horns, culminating in a contrapuntal interaction that recalls the Saturday Night Live band. Puccio solos first in a searing style similar to Michael Brecker's, in contrast to Seymour's more reserved, but equally engaging, following statement. The impressively nimble hard bopper Hiemstra is backed by Henninger's surprisingly complementary wah-wah effects. Kieme's ecstatic soprano closes the show, as he displays his formidable chops in addition to a predilection for the extreme upper register of the instrument. Tight band, tight arrangement and well worth hearing.

Reviewer: Scott Albin


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