Nobu Stowe: Trio I


Trio I


Nobu Stowe (piano)


An die Musik (Black Saint 121397)

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Nobu Stowe (piano), Alan Munshower (drums), Badal Roy (tabla).

Spontaneously composed / improvised by Nobu Stowe, Alan Munshower & Badal Roy


Recorded: Baltimore, October 10, 2006


Rating: 88/100 (learn more)

Although jazz is improvised music, few performers place more trust in the inspiration of the moment than pianist Nobu Stowe. Born in Japan, Stowe now resides in Baltimore, and has recorded a number of projects based entirely on music that is composted on the spot, so to speak. Here Stowe engages in more than seven minutes of fervent jazz that starts with an exultant paean, a hymn of light and energy, and concludes as a quasi-polytonal dirge. The mixture of piano with drums and tabla (but no bass) is fresh and effective. Some listeners will detect a Keith Jarrett influence here, but Stowe is a daring, wide-ranging artist and this track only reveals one side of his multifaceted musical personality.

Reviewer: Ted Gioia


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