Muhal Richard Abrams: Charlie in the Parker


Charlie in the Parker


Muhal Richard Abrams (piano, synthesizer, voice)


1-OQA+19 (Black Saint 120017)

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Muhal Richard Abrams (piano, synthesizer, voice), Henry Threadgill (alto sax), Leonard Jones (bass), Steve McCall (drums).

Composed by Muhal Richard Abrams


Recorded: New York, December 1977


Rating: 100/100 (learn more)

This piece features what I call a pyrotechnical melody. It is impressive that everyone is so synchronized, but still feels loose. During the solos, each musician moves through the melody at their own pace, always referencing it—kind of like what Thelonious Monk was prone to do, or any good soloist. The performance feels like a free version of Dixieland group improvisation. Muhal shifts back and forth between comping and soloing brilliantly. The energy in this piece never wanes. This “in-your-face” performance is breathtaking.

Reviewer: Jason Moran

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  • 1 sen // Aug 15, 2008 at 04:46 PM
    Some good choices by Moran but nothing from Blu Blu Blu (1989) , must be one of Muhal's finest big band discs I'd go for "One for the Whistler" featuring Joel Brandon the amazing whistler, a classic