Muhal Richard Abrams: Down at Pepper's


Down at Pepper's



View From Within (Black Saint BSR0081)

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Muhal Richard Abrams (piano), Stanton Davis (trumpet), John Purcell (alto sax), Marty Ehrlich (tenor sax), Warren Smith (vibes), Rick Rozie (bass), Thurman Barker (drums).

Composed by Muhal Richard Abrams


Recorded: New York, September 22 & 27, 1984


Rating: 100/100 (learn more)

A classic Muhal opening phrase that lands in a South Side Chicago blues. Muhal was the one that showed me how to marry the contemporary aesthetic with the roots of jazz, the blues. This blues is so authentic that on Muhal’s solos, you can hear a broken piano string. Also, Muhal does the classic piano rolls that blues pianists do. My blues piano playing cousin from Chicago taught me the same roll on the piano, what he called “The Tickle.”

Reviewer: Jason Moran

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