Tim Berne: Jalapeno Diplomacy


Jalapeno Diplomacy


Tim Berne (alto sax)


Science Friction (Screwgun 013)

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Tim Berne (alto sax),

Craig Taborn (keyboards), Marc Ducret (guitar), Tom Rainey (drums)


Composed by Tim Berne


Recorded: New York, December 2001


Rating: 88/100 (learn more)

The intense, often lengthy compositions that alto saxophonist Tim Berne wrote for his various highly talented groups (Blood Count, Coas Totale, Big Satan, Hard Cell, Paraphrase, Miniature) confront jazz's stylistic boundaries with their use of odd meters, polyrhythmic phrasing and incorporation of rock, funk and soul influences. Off the relative success of his Hard Cell group that featured Craig Taborn and longtime drummer Tom Rainey, Berne decided to maintain that trio while supplementing it with guitarist Marc Ducret in the early 2000s. Released on Berne's own label, Screwgun Records, this session features many classic Berne compositions newly electrified by Ducret's electric guitar and Taborn's electric piano. "Jalapeno Diplomacy" is a fine introduction to those unfamiliar with Berne's work. It bases itself in 6/4 time but shifts in and out of various meters, constantly balances complex composition with free improvisation, and features "out" yet nevertheless catchy contrapuntal melodies.

Reviewer: Eric Novod

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