Jon Larsen: Shoegazing




Jon Larsen (guitar)


The Next Step (Hot Club Records)

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Jon Larsen (guitar), Hilde Hefte (vocals),

Egil Kapstad (piano), Bjorn Alterhaug (bass), Håkon Mjåset Johansen (drums)


Composed by Jon Larsen


Recorded: Oslo, Norway, 2003


Rating: 96/100 (learn more)

Jon Larsen takes a break from his Hot Club de Norvege fare to render a languid, soulful ballad, one of his finest compositions to date. With "Shoegazing," the multifaceted guitarist displays his remarkable range and versatility, while expanding the role of the Django guitar in the process. In fact, I have rarely heard a Selmer-style acoustic sing the blues so convincingly. Jon's judicious use of space and economy serves him well, setting up delicious staccato finger runs as well as lovingly sustained blue notes. With able assistance from Hilde Hefte, whose phrasing here reminds me a little of Billie Holiday, and Egil Kapstad's well-seasoned trio, Larsen has crafted a tune that sounds as if it could have fallen right out of the Strayhorn songbook.

Reviewer: Bill Barnes

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