Glenn Shambroom: Wakeless Nights


Wakeless Nights


Glenn Shambroom & Friends


Band Math (Broomer Records)

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Glenn Shambroom (baritone sax),

Billy Novick (alto flute), Tom West (B-3 organ)


Composed by Glenn Shambroom


Rating: 84/100 (learn more)

Tom West’s creeping B-3 stirs and sets the scene for this clandestine piece that calls to mind a classic movie theme. The main characters are two stealthy-fingered second-story men. The larger of the two resembles a bottom-heavy, raspy-voiced bari sax; the other is a long slender fellow with the demeanor of an alto flute. The duo begins their caper in harmony against the backdrop of a languid city night. They split up and the sax takes the first flight of stairs with a dizzying penthouse solo. The flute slinks in, a cat proficiently padding between the changes. West covers the waterfront with his low-key cool, pumping the bass like the subway. Sensual sound, soulful playing, slick writing.

Reviewer: Marissa Dodge

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