Lowell Davidson: Stately




Lowell Davidson (piano)


Trio (ESP 1012)

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Lowell Davidson (piano), Gary Peacock (bass), Milford Graves (drums).

Composed by Lowell Davidson


Recorded: July 27, 1965


Rating: 92/100 (learn more)

Sometimes, when encountering a person who is inordinately bright, it's fun to use the description "too many brains in his head." Stephen Hawking is a great example. Well, though I've never coined a similar phrase, there are definitely musicians out there who almost seem to have too much music in them. It just spills out effortlessly.

Which makes it all the more amazing that Lowell Davidson isn't a household jazz name. On "Stately," the music does just that: spill out and flow with an amazing amount of energy and grace. Davidson's piano traffics in styles from simple, quiet arpeggios to percussive clusters to wild chromatic runs. It's a good thing that Milford Graves and Gary Peacock came along for that ride, as lesser musicians might not have stood up to the sheer force of the idea stream.

Equal thanks must go to Ornette Coleman for championing Davidson, and ESP Disk for bringing Trio back into print.

Reviewer: Mark Saleski

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