Kurt Rosenwinkel: Conception I


Conception I


Kurt Rosenwinkel (guitar)


Intuit (Criss Cross 1160)

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Kurt Rosenwinkel (guitar),

Michael Kanan (piano), Joe Martin (bass), Tim Pleasant (drums)


Composed by George Shearing


Recorded: New York, August 14-15, 1998


Rating: 86/100 (learn more)

Kurt Rosenwinkel's live performances and latest handful of albums are packed with densely arranged, 10-plus minute arrangements that have astonished his loads of fans and elevated him to the status of one of this generation's leading innovators. Intuit, his second session as a leader, shows us where much of this innovation came from, with a collection of hand-chosen bop standards. George Shearing's "Conception" is perhaps the most interesting choice because it hints at a possible hidden influence that has shaped Rosenwinkel's compositional aesthetic. While it's speculation on my part, digging a bit deeper reveals an interesting line of Shearing influence (Rosenwinkel's mentor, Gary Burton, toured with Shearing before joining forces with Stan Getz in the early 1960s). In any case, Rosenwinkel and all of his Smalls cohorts have established and maintained influential careers for themselves due to their combination of innate talent and wide-ranging knowledge of the jazz canon. The star guitarist's sympathetic take on Shearing's "Conception" is a historical must-listen.

Reviewer: Eric Novod

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