Pepper Adams: The Long Two/Four


The Long Two/Four


Pepper Adams (baritone sax)


10 to 4 at the 5 Spot (Riverside / Original Jazz Classics 31)

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Pepper Adams (baritone sax), Donald Byrd (trumpet), Bobby Timmons (piano), Doug Watkins (bass), Elvin Jones (drums).

Composed by Donald Byrd


Recorded: live at the Five Spot Café, New York, April 1958


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

10 to 4 at the 5 Spot delivers a single set of music from the famed NYC jazz club in 1958, a combination of Blakey-school hard boppers (Byrd, Watkins and Timmons) and the unique personalities of Adams's leading baritone sax and Jones's polyrhythmic drumming. This tune begins with a military-march statement from Elvin, reminding us that, even though we are used to hearing him involved in an intense swinging environment, he can execute just about anything behind a drum kit. Adams offers an adventurous solo, followed by an enjoyable yet somewhat underwhelming offering from composer Byrd. Bobby Timmons executes a fantastic solo (especially the first 15 or 20 seconds) on a regrettably out-of-tune piano. Elvin's solo is brimming with original ideas and flawless technical execution, especially the melodic run from 7:08-7:24. On second thought, the rest of this early Elvin solo is really just as great.

Reviewer: Eric Novod

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