Sam Rivers: Tranquility




Sam Rivers (tenor sax)


Crystals (Impulse ASD-9286)

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Sam Rivers (tenor sax),

Richard Williams, Sinclair Acey, Ted Daniel (trumpets, flugelhorns), Charles Majeed Greenlee, Charles Stephens (trombones), Joe Daley (euphonium, tuba), Joe Ferguson (alto & soprano saxes, flute), Roland Alexander (tenor sax, flute), Fred Kelly (soprano, alto & baritone saxes, flute), Paul Jeffrey (tenor sax), Gregory Maker (bass), Warren Smith (drums), Harold Smith (percussion)


Composed by Sam Rivers


Recorded: New York, March 4, 1974


Rating: 85/100 (learn more)

This intriguing track begins with a funky tuba/bass/drum vamp that makes you go back to your iPod to make sure you put on the right album. Once having confirmed that this is "the Sam Rivers Big Band" record, the listener is just waiting for something unexpected to develop from this Funky Meters-inspired start. One minute into the track, a wide array of percussion enters followed by an improvising flute. A minute or so later, Mr. Rivers's personality finally signals its arrival with jarring long tones played by a handful of the numerous musicians in the studio. The long chords build over the next five minutes, ebbing and flowing in a dramatic and delightfully unsettling manner. As the 8-minute mark arrives, the cacophony has melted away except for the flute, percussion, and funky tuba/bass/drum vamp that leave us exactly where we started. A unique journey courtesy of the fertile mind of Sam Rivers.

Reviewer: Eric Novod

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