Miles Davis: Billy Boy


Billy Boy


Miles Davis (leader)


Milestones (Columbia CK 85203)

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Miles Davis (leader), Red Garland (piano), Paul Chambers (bass), Philly Joe Jones (drums).

Recorded: New York, February 4, 1958


Rating: 88/100 (learn more)

This song represents the only piece from Milestones that features just the rhythm section, and rightfully so because Red Garland displays his piano wizardry. The former boxer from Texas is perfectly at home on this traditional number. His 4-note left-hand chords combined with his root-fifth layering of the melody are spellbinding. He interacts with Philly Joe Jones so well that I wonder what this trio could've done on their own if given the chance. The only part of this song that doesn't fit is Chambers's bass solo. Not that it's bad, but it detracts from the commanding performance of Garland.

Reviewer: Jared Pauley

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