Giuseppi Logan: Tabla Suite


Tabla Suite


Giuseppi Logan (alto & tenor saxes, Pakistani oboe, bass clarinet, flute)


The Giuseppi Logan Quartet (ESP 1007)

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Giuseppi Logan (alto & tenor saxes, Pakistani oboe, bass clarinet, flute), Don Pullen (piano), Eddie Gomez (bass), Milford Graves (drums, tabla).

Composed by Giuseppi Logan


Recorded: New York, October 5, 1964


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

Who doesn't love a good musical tightrope walk? Giuseppi Logan's sinuous horn kicks off the event, Don Pullen rides with it, peeling off shards of piano madness that are soon joined by Eddie Gomez, playing his bass in a most unorthodox manner. Over all of this is Milford Graves's tabla furiously keeping pace and, for a short period, standing alone, until the entire quartet rises up to celebrate the cacophony. As the composition ends, Pullen's chords echo off into the distance, and we're left with a few lone tabla notes, leaving the impression that the centrifugal force of play had thrown the musicians clear of the song.

Reviewer: Mark Saleski


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