Lafayette Gilchrist: Those Frowning Clowns


Those Frowning Clowns



Soul Progressin' (Hyena HYN 9371)

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Lafayette Gilchrist (piano),

Mike Cerri, Freddy Dunn (trumpets), Gabriel Ware (alto sax), John Dierker (tenor sax, bass clarinet), Gregory L. Thompkins (tenor sax), Anthony “Blue” Jenkins (bass), Nathan Reynolds (drums)


Composed by Lafayette Gilchrist


Rating: 91/100 (learn more)

"Soul Progressin'" is an off-kilter funk/blues that will make you want to jump on the coffee table and just shake it. Gilchrist's piano intro is followed by Anthony Jenkins's loping bassline that sets up the real funk: the horns. They're naughty, they're tight, and they're ready to knock you over. When John Dierker's bass clarinet takes a solo (with Gilchrist comping beautifully), liftoff is achieved. As the composition progresses, horns come in from all sides, pushing the music's center of gravity back and forth. Somehow the group never loses track of the funk. Jenkins's bass solo catapults us back into one last visitation from that fearsome horn section. This needs to be played LOUD.

Reviewer: Mark Saleski


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