Randy Klein: The Calm


The Calm


Randy Klein (piano)


The Flowing (Jazzheads JH 1164)

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Randy Klein (piano).

Composed by Randy Klein


Recorded: New York, April 23, 2008


Rating: 89/100 (learn more)

If you head a record label, as Randy Klein does Jazzheads, your own album better be good. Luckily for jazz fans and Klein's own artist roster, it is. I could just imagine how awkward it would be if otherwise.

Reading through Klein's bio it appears he has spent a majority of his time behind the scenes or at least in less visible performance situations. But he has had a long and successful music career. He has some regional Emmy awards at home for his efforts. His playing has appeared on a couple of gold records as well.

I would say the same thing about "The Calm" as I would about any of the other 11 cuts on this fine solo piano album. The music is the artist's deep introspection reflected on the surface of a serene pond. He makes no effort to wow you with his chops, even though they are there in spades. So you won't hear any keyboard tricks or speed demon wizardry that would muddy the water. Calm is not the same as smooth, which this isn't in any way. The music presented is effective storytelling full of worthwhile tangents. It is presented with depth and meaning.

Reviewer: Walter Kolosky

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