Ornette Coleman: Just For You


Just For You


Ornette Coleman (trumpet)


Love Call (Blue Note BST 84356)

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Ornette Coleman (trumpet), Dewey Redman (alto sax), Jimmy Garrison (bass), Elvin Jones (drums).

Composed by Ornette Coleman


Recorded: New York, May 7, 1968


Rating: 80/100 (learn more)

"Just For You" is one of the more puzzling entries in the Coleman discography. The track features trumpet and alto sax playing simultaneously, yet in the album credits (and all the discographies I've seen), Dewey Redman is noted as playing tenor sax only on these sessions. Therefore, one might infer that Redman sat out this track while Ornette overdubbed either alto or trumpet. At first, the altoist's tone does in fact sound pretty Ornette-ish—that is, until you listen to the other tracks on the album, when it becomes clear that despite the vague similarities, the sound you're hearing was very probably produced by a different musician playing a different horn with a different mouthpiece. Despite what the credits and discographies say, this is almost certainly Dewey Redman playing alto for one of the rare times in his recording career.

That said, the relatively brief (4:14), gloomy ballad is hardly one of Coleman's best efforts. The melody and countermelody are attractive in a rather saccharine kind of way. Ornette's rambling, noodling, note-cracking trumpet solo goes nowhere. Jimmy Garrison's equally meandering arco bass seems almost entirely disconnected from Ornette, as does Elvin Jones's uncharacteristically low-decibel percussion. The best thing about the track is actually Redman's straightforward interpretation of the countermelody. It's the only solid ground in 4+ minutes of aural quicksand. This is by far the weakest track on Love Call.

Reviewer: Chris Kelsey

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