Funky Mustard: Jaco's Lament


Jaco's Lament


Funky Mustard


Jazza Mostaza (MoosePie Records)

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Larry D. White (guitars),

Tim Glaze (trumpet), Drew Rey (trombone), Cedric Beauchene (piano and keyboards), Sparky Parker (lead guitar), Kristen Jensen (violin), Patrick Moore (cello king), Gardner Headrick (bass), Kevin Crenshaw (drums)


Composed by Larry D. White


Recorded: Houston, TX, 2007


Rating: 88/100 (learn more)

Some might argue that Funky Mustard leans more toward rock than jazz. They might be right, but this guitar-driven instrumental's logic follows lines similar to Daniel Lanois and Ginger Baker's smaller percussion ensembles. Is that material jazz? Does the label really matter?

White's guitar forms the composition's boundaries within which the thematic instruments Kristen Jensen's violin and Tim Glaze's trumpet play a lovely, slowly forming duet. Maybe this isn't jazz in the traditional sense, but the musical story being told is too compelling to be ignored.

Note: Guitar players may notice the amplifier buzz that's audible at the beginning of the track. Honestly, it's a good thing.

Reviewer: Mark Saleski


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