Glenn Shambroom: Make Room For Snappy


Make Room For Snappy


Glenn Shambroom (baritone sax)


Make Room For Snappy

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Glenn Shambroom (baritone sax),

Myanna (alto sax), Paul Alhstrand (tenor sax), Tom West (piano), Jesse Williams (bass), John Connelly (drums)


Composed by Glenn Shambroom


Recorded: Cambridge, MA, 2000


Rating: 84/100 (learn more)

Glenn Shambroom is a dichotomous creation: he's one part bari sax, the other guitar; he's also a serious musician with a spicy sense of humor, who can write a swingin', rib-stickin' chicken shack blues, then stir up a Mancini-flavored, cocktails-at-a-corner-table ballad. This track is an example of the former. The full horn section on the head is the main course, with nice sides of sax and an appetizing piano solo. Chef Shambroom prepares his melodies and arrangements like characters, and they're all of a palatable sort. Oh, and if you're wondering who Snappy is, it just might be you while you're feasting on one of Glenn's tasty, 4-star tunes.

Reviewer: Marissa Dodge

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