Jim Hall & Bill Frisell: Migration




Jim Hall (guitar) and Bill Frisell (guitar)


Hemispheres (ArtistShare AS0079)

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Jim Hall (guitar), Bill Frisell (guitar).

Composed by Jim Hall & Bill Frisell


Recorded: Brooklyn, NY, July 2007


Rating: 95/100 (learn more)

It's been written that if Bill Frisell were to play without his electronic effects, he would sound like Jim Hall. It's an interesting notion, but I'm glad it hasn't been followed for Hemispheres. This is a dream duo pitting jazz guitar sonic extremes: pure tone (Hall) vs. well, whatever the heck it is that Frisell does. On "Migration," Frisell uses his guitar wizardry to create a musical foundation for Hall's improvisations. The results are pretty spectacular as Hall, no stranger to angularity, toys with phrasing that brings in elements of blues as well as atonality. At a few points, the music has an almost psychedelic quality, with Frisell bending the sonic bed in a funhouse-mirror kind of way. Highly recommended.

Reviewer: Mark Saleski

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