Keith Jarrett: Starbright




Keith Jarrett (piano)


Facing You (ECM 1017)

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Keith Jarrett (piano).

Composed by Keith Jarrett


Recorded: Oslo, November 10, 1971


Rating: 100/100 (learn more)

Jarrett's "Starbright" is a consummate example of stride being used by a post-1950 modern jazz pianist while not sounding like a quotation, anachronism, or stunt.

"Starbright" is from the masterpiece solo recital Facing You. Right from the beginning, the spacious chords in the left hand imply something more like Earl Hines than anything else; although above, the pretty melody in sixths is quite dissonant and bitonal.

Jarrett takes half the performance to work up enough steam, but eventually lurches into a convincing left-hand "oompah" as his right hand delivers the iridescence suggested by the title. It's a major success, and one well worth considering for those looking to take stride into the 21st century.

Reviewer: Ethan Iverson

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