Lonnie Johnson: Tomorrow Night


Tomorrow Night


Lonnie Johnson (vocals, guitar)


All Time Blues Greats (Stardust)

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Lonnie Johnson (vocals, guitar),

John Hughes (piano), Roy Coulter (bass), probably Nelson Burton (drums)


Composed by Sam Coslow & Will Grosz


Recorded: Cincinnati, OH, December 14, 1947


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

This song was the biggest hit of Lonnie Johnson's career, selling in large numbers in 1948-49. For many, it was one of those songs that captured the feeling of the time and came to be a key soundtrack of people's lives that year. The great blues guitarist Buddy Guy told me that the song meant a lot to him in his teen years.

But in pure musical terms, this track is not innovative, nor does it display striking virtuosity or power in the performance. It is basically a very nice ballad, with an engaging and memorable melody and lyrics, that appealed to many people and was sung well (though Johnson's singing on another 1948 song, "Backwater Blues," is better—in fact, masterful).

Still, the song had considerable impact. In fact, a guy named Elvis covered it at the start of his own career, and actually just copied Johnson's vocal approach and technique.

Reviewer: Dean Alger

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