Allan Holdsworth: Lanyard Loop


Lanyard Loop


Allan Holdsworth (guitar)


All Night Wrong (Favored Nations Entertainment FN2330-2)

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Allan Holdsworth (guitar),

Jimmy Johnson (bass), Chad Wackerman (drums)


Composed by Allan Holdsworth


Recorded: May 5, 2002


Rating: 89/100 (learn more)

All Night Wrong was Allan Holdsworth's first official live recording. According to the scuttlebutt, it seems remarkable that any live recording would come out at all. Holdsworth is a perfectionist and a harsh critic of his own music. Many fans were surprised that he could ever be satisfied with a live recording, considering that mistakes happen live. Holdsworth hates mistakes. But he was pleased enough with this performance to allow its release. (Watch. We will find out that he really wasn't in favor of this CD coming out and that he despises everything about it.)

In terms of lineup, this is a standard guitar power trio performance. Holdsworth plays it straight with the possible exception of an infrequent guitar synthesizer turn. (The way he makes a guitar sound, you can never be quite sure.) "Lanyard Loop" begins as an exposition of beautifully formed and played ascending and descending chords. You hear no string strikes. It is almost as if the fretboard were a keyboard and Holdsworth was pushing the strings down rather than hitting them. Of course Holdsworth eventually rips out a legato-infused solo. Playing on the periphery of the beat is where it's at for Holdsworth. You won't find him in the normal places. Slippery guy, he. Bassist Jimmy Johnson and drummer Chad Wackerman prove to be fine foils. This is really good fusion music stamped with the unique style of Allan Holdsworth.

Reviewer: Walter Kolosky

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