Larry Coryell: Good Citizen Swallow


Good Citizen Swallow


Larry Coryell (guitar)


The Power Trio Live in Chicago (Highnote 757109)

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Larry Coryell (guitar),

Larry Gray (bass), Paul Wertico (drums)


Composed by Larry Coryell


Recorded: live at the Jazz Showcase, Chicago, IL, January 9-11, 2003


Rating: 87/100 (learn more)

An audible vocal countdown by guitarist Larry Coryell kicks off "Good Citizen Swallow," an upbeat original featuring earthen grooves and incendiary playing. Coryell's support band conjures up a loose, nimble sound that befits both the environment of the Jazz Showcase and the chart basics, and, while the changes are simple and repetitive, the space between each player's note choices lets the trio add kaleidoscopic melodies on top. Coryell, in particular, sounds ready to tackle the number; his sprinting solos fluidly span the entire guitar neck and set a direction that the musicians willingly accept and follow. The pace is quick, the group's intricate playing is always accurate, and Coryell sounds confident in his surroundings. His ensemble locks things down even without his colorful accompaniment, while their solos are joined by Coryell's sporadic chords that add a twisted, progressive element to a rather straightforward progression. As for the production, the edges are clean, and the take was captured well. It does not sound, from the results, that the band's performance included much roughness anyway, so the smooth surface only enhances an excellent concert recording and one of the album's highlights.

Reviewer: Marcus Singletary

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