Larry Coryell: Spaces Revisited


Spaces Revisited


Larry Coryell (guitar)


Spaces Revisited (Shanachie 5533)

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Larry Coryell (guitar), Billy Cobham (drums), Bireli Lagrene (guitar),

Richard Bona (bass)


Composed by Larry Coryell


Recorded: February 25-26, 1997


Rating: 86/100 (learn more)

Spaces Revisited reunites jazz legends Larry Coryell and Billy Cobham in a sequel to Coryell's classic album Spaces. They appear alongside two new cohorts, guitarist Biréli Lagrène and bassist Richard Bona, and those expecting them to re-create the original sounds of John McLaughlin and Miroslav Vitous, respectively, will be quite disappointed. The players add a fresh dimension to jazz fusion, and also the styles of both Coryell and Cobham exude a maturity stemming from ages spent as seasoned pros. This particular session finds them fusing their original, youthful fire with a more disciplined, experienced approach, and everything is performed effortlessly. It is easy to forget that the rhythm patterns are changing during the tune as Cobham's drums shift dynamics on a dime. The changes go unnoticed due to the liquid swing and adroit talents of all players, and both guitars manage to sound like a single instrument regardless of the soloist. Cobham's pacing drives the forceful Coryell/Lagrène duet, while Lagrène's blue tone matches Coryell's existentialist mastery well. The track's most enduring quality, despite the awesome rhythmic interplay, is hearing both guitarists bounce and share ideas back and forth, and the track finds everyone involved reaching career peaks.

Reviewer: Marcus Singletary

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