Jan Savitt: 720 in the Books


720 in the Books


Jan Savitt (leader)


Shuffle in Style (Jasmine 2552)

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Jan Savitt (leader),

Bon Bon [George Tunnell] (vocals), Johnny Austin, Jimmy Campbell, Jack Hanson (trumpets), Cutty Cutshall, Don Sines, Al Leopold (trombones), George Bohn, Jack Ferrier (alto saxes), Ed Clausen, Gabe Gelinas (tenor saxes), Guy Smith (guitar), Gene DePaul (piano), Morris Rayman (bass), Russ Isaacs (drums)


Composed by Jan Savitt, Johnny Watson & Harold Adamson; arranged by Johnny Watson


Recorded: New York, September 23, 1939


Rating: 85/100 (learn more)

Jan Savitt's band began at radio station WCAU, moving later to KYW, both in Philadelphia. Its reputation spread via recordings on the Victor Bluebird label, and they soon became a national attraction. The band was thought to be a bit loud, but its shuffle rhythm was infectious, and Savitt himself was a nice guy to work for. "720 in the Books" was originally an instrumental written by staff arranger Johnny Watson, but this simple riff tune was too good not to have lyrics added and sung by "Bon Bon," perhaps the band's biggest star. The title was a natural; it was the 720th arrangement in the band's book, or library of music. One of the biggest hits of the big band era, perhaps it is time to retire "In the Mood" and play this tune for swing dancing instead.

Reviewer: Jeff Sultanof

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